Bertram Drilling

Bertram is a diversified specialty drilling company serving an array of customers, primarily in the energy industry. The Company maintains active operations in Canada, the U.S. and Russia. George Bertram founded the company in 1962 with the purchase of his first drilling rig. Since that time, George has transitioned daily management responsibilities to his sons Brian and Darrell Bertram. Under the guidance of George and subsequently Brian and Darrell the company has grown into one of the largest specialty drillers in North America. The Company operates its own rigs which are primarily used for oil sands coring, geothermal drilling and shot-hole seismic drilling. The Company also provides diamond and pipeline drilling with the majority of Bertram's revenue relating to oil sands coring. The Company has developed a competitive advantage in the oil sands through strong relationships, brand reputation and an industry-leading safety record. The Company has also forged a market niche in the seismic industry through the development of expertise in drilling in difficult terrain such as the Canadian Foothills, U.S. Rocky Mountains and the Arctic.

Traditionally, the Company's primary focus was on the seismic drilling market. Approximately seven years ago, the Company expanded its business in order to capitalize on the development of Canada's massive oil sands resources. The Company leveraged existing client relationships and drilling expertise to enter the market and was able to quickly apply its knowledge in drilling shallow depths for oil sands applications. The oil sands work is concentrated over the winter months, however some of the equipment can be used year round in geothermal applications.

Bertram Drilling Corp. is a proud member of the Following

Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors

Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Canadian Standards Association

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (USA)